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Books of the week April I – 2018

This are the Books for Entrepreneurs of This Week

Books On Sale

This is the opportunity when we serve to you the gift of wisdom, we compile a series of books with the intention to help you searching dreams-tools, knowledge, mentors, spiritual guides, yourself.

– Every week, books. –

Book One

How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business.

Chris ducker - virtual freedomby Chris Ducker.

On this entrepreneurship, Chris Ducker talks to the person who always try to do everything himself and doesn’t delegate anything, well if you are ready to go to the next step, this book is for you, is about freedom, yes, freedom, your freedom to run a business and not being a caotic superhero in the shot.

Great reviews from lectures.

Under a new paradigma of the art of Timing, the newest diva on the era of glomerade postconsumism we are ready to go into a healthy way to do business, to going depper into the excelence of content, services and produts, and to have quality time in our lifes, to be, just be.

This is a great book for entrepreneur.

Ideal for: Entrepeneurs / Freedom Souls / Nerds of time, Optimization and Automatization / Triers of Everything


Book Two

Expanded: 350+ Techniques, Patterns & Strategies of Neuro Linguistic Programming

big book of nlpby Schlomo Vaknin

Your brain is programed, still programming, and guess what? That’s right, you can reprogramming at your own propose.

The brain its wonderful, it can remember something, rethinking over an over again, solve problems, giving us logical aspect of the life. NLP is a method who rewrite patters on our brains, it can change your habits, your conduct, your way of thinking.

We have many trues, like a 7 billions trues, each one of us is a way of life, way to see and way thinking the world. We have patterns and sometimes thats patterns of thinking are toxic for us, the good news is that you can change a pattern for a new one and give to your brain and life, quality and excellence, if you want. Give it a shot.

Ideal for: Good Habits Collectors / Nerds of Optimization / Bruce Lee lovers / NLP Optimist

What is NLP?


Book Three

The Complete Mind/Body Guide

by Deepak ChopraDeepak Chopra - Perfect Health

Are you a Vata, a Pitta or a Kapha?

Know your type of body its easy whit this book, depending on your natural life still, your natural dreaming and eating times, your deppest teast of food. This book is about an old mettod call Ayurveda, over 5000 years of knowledge and East wisdom, whit a simple test you will know more about your body and how to respect his natural form, his best ingredients to increase and what is really toxic for you.

This is a must read book.

Ideal for: Healthy Enterprise / Body’s Changing / All of Us


What is Ayurveda Doshas? – balancing Vata, Pitta and Kapha


The Classic Book of The Week

In this case we are going to bring you one of the greatest books ever, and not only for his old age or his knowleadge, which is colossal, it because fix at every time and every aspect of life.

KYBALION, of Hermes Trismegisto.

The Kybalion by Hermes TrismegistoRules of Universe. You always heard about Cause-Effect, Vibration, Rhythm… well, Hermes Trismegisto, the three times born, gift us the rules for Energy, Mind and Vibration, the begining of the Art of Alquimia, the trasmutation from Metal to Gold, from mind to matter… if you always love the Law of Vibration, as in “The Secret” you will get outstanding whit this piece.

Ideal for:  Espiritual  Warrios /  Merlin Students / Gurus of Something / Triers of Everything



For more books click HERE

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This are the best Drone whit camera on 2018

The best choice on Drones for Sale on 2018

In this drones review we are giving to you great choices for diferents situations, for beginners and advanced users, casual or profesional videos.  We are going to see new relases and drones who are already in the market since a few years, also we are going to indicates wich are the best choices from costumers reviews and the pros and cons of each one. All that and more tips to know what drone to buy.

Drone flying

What is a Drone?

Basicly a Drone is a non tripulate aircraft and it is uses for multiples proposes, in this chance the one we uses for make aerial photography or videos, are drones quadcopters with cameras.

Enjoy the drive

Drones for Beginners

DJI Phantom 3

DJI Drone phantom quadcopter
DJI Phantom 3

EASY to use and control with the DJI Phantom 3. It brings autopilot assistand and a awesome quality of video, the price, around $599 and $699, depending the model.

Its Came in 4 Versions:
Phantom 3 Professional
Phantom 3 Advanced
Phantom 3 4K
Phantom 3 Standard


Technical Features

Fligh Time: 23/25 minutes
Video Quality: HD 2.7K for Standard and Advance model, and 4K for Pro and 4k model.
Transmition Distance: 1km for 4K and Standar model and 5Km for Advance and Pro
Video Transmition System: DJI
Position Outdoor: GPS module and GLONASS
Live Viewer: App, including flight assistant.
Pixel Photography: 12 MP

Pros: Brand Quality, DJI is leader on drones technologies. Easy to Flight, GPS assistant
Cons: The battery last longer is 28 minutes endurance. Crashproof issues.

AHAHOO RC Drones Foldable FPV VR

Yellow drone
Ahahoo Drone


One of the simples ones, this drone is special for beginners, the price is always affordable  and the control is organic, like a game. The video camera is ok, HD 720/2MP if you want something to start with no much money, this is yours. Price, around $60


Fligh Time: 9 minutes
Video Quality: 720 HD ISO 100-1200
Transmition Distance: 150 mt
Video & Position: WIFI real time
Live Viewer: App
Pixel Photography: 2MP
Other: Quick elevation button, Recall system
Weights: 1.98lb
Colors: Black, Yellow-Black, Red-Black

Pros: Price, great cost-benefit product experience. Recommended from every customer, grate love rating
Cons: To start is ok, if you wanna be Pro, really work on Video Quality we recomend still looking, this one is nice but still amateur. Short Fly time

EACHINE E10C Mini Quadcopter With 2.0MP Camera

The cute’s one! Tinny, easy to carry, shot and use and the cost its like a take a meal.
This drone looks like a dream tool for a spy of the 60’s, its grate to carry on and gives life ones in a while. Price, around $33
Buy HERE. eachine mini


Fligh Time: 5/6 Minutes – 35 Minutes to charge.
Video Quality:
720 HD
Transmition Distance:
20 mt
Live Viewer:
No, version E10W yes   

Pixel Photography: 2MP
360 degrees role over / Led lights for position at night
15 gr
Grey / Lightblue

Pros: Ideal for short shoots on the road, if you are a video maker at anytime this drone it can be your best friend.
Cons: No video live streaming.

 Holy Stone HS160 Shadow

Ideal for indoors, this drone its small, easy to control and it have is own lighting system which is thinking for selfies and images inside a place. Small, intuitive, great design. Its come with 4 Speed modes, Gravity sensor and altitude control. The size is just to put in your pocket. Price around $99



drone hs160

Fligh Time: 8 Minutes
Video Quality:
720 HD
Transmition Distance:
70 m
Video Transmition System:
Live Viewer:
Pixel Photography:
Automatic landing key / Led lights for position / 3D VR Headset mode
Weights: 83 gr

Pros: Great for indoors, nice price and design.
The flight timing is not the best for such a cool drone, poor.

Here you will find a post of Tips for Begginers flyings drones, cares and restrictions


Advance Drone Level

DJI Phantom 4 PRO Obsidian Edition

Dji Drone

  In Avian we are impress on the quality of DJI products not only on his drone, also in other tools of the company, like the 4K Camera DJI OSMO which it have an awesome stabilitation system and video quality, grate camera!, check it here.

About the Phantom 4 Pro.

DJI Bring us the best experience on 4K Cameras, in this case, on drones they combine the all experience with this aircrafth combines with the experience of camera stabilization and quality image, thumb up for the Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Edition. For Entepreteus, Business, Video Maker, Extreme Youtuber, Movie Making and Sports. Price around 799

Buy Combo HERE

Fligh Time: 30 minutes
Video Quality: 4K, HD live FPV
Frame per Seconds: 30ftp
Transmition Distance: 7 Kilometers
Video Transmition System: DJI
Position Outdoor: GPS module and GLONASS. Obstacle Avoidace (can fly around obstacles).
Live Viewer: Yes, no display, including flight assistant, FOLLOW ME mode.
Pixel Photography: 1-inch sensor 20 MP
Other: Stabilized 3-axis gimbal. Gives a better experience on smooth filming.
Weights: 1380 grams.

Pros: Grate Quality video, Stabilitation and Ostacle Avoid made this drone a big one.
Cons: Price, but… Think as an inversment, this is exactly the things one does to get more close to Pro action, quality beside anything.

GoPro Karma with Harness for HERO5/HERO6

gopro karma
K Drone by GoPro

GoPro as always leading the adventure’s cameras experience, in this chance with a case for Hero5, Hero6 and an adaptor for Hero4. This Drone it cames with an awesome case and grate control joystick. It’s come with a grip so for the combo you will have, the Karma Drone, the Grip and the camera is apart. Price, arround $600 whitout camera.


Fligh Time: 20 minutes
Video Quality:
s depend on your GoPro Camera
Frame per Seconds:
It’s depend on your GoPro Camera
Transmition Distance: 
3000mt (9840 ft)
Transmition System:
2.4 hz
Live Viewer:
Yes, its come with Joystick and Screen
Pixel Photography:
It’s depend on your GoPro Camera
With the app GoPro Passanger your friends it can connect with the camera and control it!. For Hero4 you can buy a harness
1 kg (35oz)
 black with white

Pros: It’s GoPro, and you know what we mean. The reason to make an harness to make GoPro cameras flying are the only think it wasnt going with this company, well, there it is.
Cons: You will need a GoPro camera beside the drone.


Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon 

drone yuneec typhoon

Typhoon family bring us this Hi-Quality video drone, 4K resolution and great stabilization on a nice price, the Yuneec Q500 its a cool option Quality-Price relationship. Around $600

Buy HERE the combo with 
Controller Wizard Wand SkyView FPV Display Headset LiPo 5400mAh Battery and Custom Backpack Bundle

Fligh Time: 25 Minutes
Axis: 3
Video Quality: 
4K ultra high definition video and1080
Frame per Seconds: 30 to 120 fps
Transmition Distance:
122 Mt
Transmition System:  5.8 Ghz
Live Viewer:
Yes, with App
Pixel Photography:
12 MP
User controlled video resolution, white balance and light exposure / RTF Aluminum Case
Weights: 12lb
Gray Black

Pros: Camera, we love it.
Cons: Some issues working indoors / FPV delay


HUBSAN H109S X4 Pro 

The Husband H109S its another drone whit a nice relationship price-quality, his stability probably is not the greatest one, but still grate, compared with phantom 3  this dron it have better and resistant body but it not get the 4K video. The high edition brings a 9.18 inch touch sereen remote control. Price around $770


drone husban h109s

Fligh Time:  25 Minutes
1, 3 and 6
Video Quality:  1080p
Frame per Seconds:  30fps
Transmition Distance:
  1000 mt
Transmition System: FPV
Live Viewer:
 Hubsan H7000 Smart Transmitter with high edition
Pixel Photography:
13 MP
 Include an emergency parachute / GPS automate return

Weights: 1,400 kg
Black with Yellow

Pros: HD pixel Photography / Great price-quality relation
Cons: Quite expensive replacement parts.

Click here for more
Drones With Camera

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